Friday, 29 June 2012

Kaal Bhairava Temples in Tamilnadu

This is the only temple in Tamilnadu where Lord Bhairavanatha Swami graces from the sanctum sanctorum.
The book, Abhidana Chintamani speaks about the birth of Lord Bhairava. A demon, Tharukasuran performed penance and demanded Lord Shiva to bless him with immortality. Lord told him that everything born should meet with death one day and suggested that he may ask for one who could not cause him death. Agreeing, Tharakasuran asked that he could not be killed by anyone except by a woman. He thought that as man with high physical prowess, a woman cannot be able to kill him.
He began his arrogant activities and the time for his end came. The devas in the celestial world appealed to Lord Shiva to protect them from the demon.
Mother Parvathi created a spark from the poison once devoured by Lord Shiva. It took the form of a woman. The poison was called Kalam, hence the woman was named Kali. Kali turned on the direction of Tharukasura furiously. Her fury turned into fire and burnt the demon. Then the Kali converted the fire into a child, breast-fed it. Then Lord Shiva made Kali and the child enter His body, from which 8 children came out. Lord Shiva amalgamated the 8 into one and named it Bhairava.
Dog vehicle: Bull, Lion, elephant and peacock are attributed to Gods as their vehicles. Bhairava is given Dog as His vehicle. We can see dogs enjoying luxuries in some houses while many of them are attacked by people in the street. The philosophy behind this is that both good and bad should be submitted at the feet of the Lord as and when they occur to us. Dog is also called ‘Veda Gnani’ meaning that it is a knowledgeable creature.
The place, Thagattor is a Tamil translation from the Sanskrit word Yantra made mainly of copper sheets with some diagrams. Traditionally Yantras as Sri Chakra are installed in temples and there is one such in this temple also. There is also the idol of Sattainathar, the procession deity of the temple.

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